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Some highlights of the latest UNCTAD report.


Recently UNCTAD published its annual maritime report. The comments below highlight notable themes.

The UNCTAD Review of Maritime Transport 2017, obtainable for free on the organisation’s website (link below) was published at the end of October this year. As in previous editions, it provides useful comprehensive coverage of many aspects of the global maritime scene, including seaborne trade, the world fleet, freight markets, ports, legal and regulatory issues and maritime connectivity for developing countries.

Among especially interesting comments, global seaborne trade is viewed as having good growth prospects over several years ahead. This contrasts with some quite pessimistic predictions seen elsewhere.

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Well done to every London Student who passed their exams.
We are delighted to offer our Congratulations to those who have won prizes, and also to those who have completed their Foundation Diploma or their Advanced Diploma or their PQE.

Prize winner 2017:
William Packard Memorial Award
Hannah Kimani-Blanco
Armac Award
Michael Archibald
Denholm Wilhelmsen Award
Melodie Dewitte
Shell Int'l Trading and Shipping Award
Joseph Foy
SPNL Award
Alexandros Papanagiotou
E A Gibson Shipbrokers Award
Melodie Dewitte
Braemar ACM Shipbroking Award
Piers Dunhill-Turner
Cory Brothers Award
Robert Millatt
Port of London Authority Award
Ali Gokal
Shipbrokers' Register Award
Robert Millatt
Tutorship Pieter van Gelder Award
Piers Dunhill-Turner

Advanced Diploma
Tom Bassett                      Tanker Chartering
Maria Kaperoni                 Ship Sale and Purchase
Vasileios Katsoulas           Dry Cargo Chartering
Thomas Kealy                    Shipping Finance
Hannah Kimani-Blanco    Ship Operations and Management with DISTINCTION
Thomas Nash                     Ship Sale and Purchase
Simone Piredda                 Port Agency
Eleftheria Stampoulidou  Ship Sale and Purchase
Styliani Terezaki                 Ship Operations and Management

Foundation Diploma
Melodie Dewitte              Ship Operations and Management with DISTINCTION
Joseph Dicastiglione       Dry Cargo Chartering
Joseph Foy                       Tanker Chartering
Donika Paskova              Ship Operations and Management
Nicholas Pugh                 Tanker Chartering
Simon Walsh                   Dry Cargo Chartering

Professional Qualifying Exams Completed
Joseph Ackland
Aimran Amir
Giuseppe Azzarelli
Cvetan Belchev
Alessandro Bollorino
Edward Cook
Rani Ousta
Jessica Pyatt
Douglas Rickman
Panos Roussos
Konstantina Vagena
Simon Walsh
Luke Winter

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Open Day at The Baltic Exchange

At the beginning of February a team from the Institute’s head office, together with a member of the London & South East Branch Committee, were present at the London ‘Open Day’, held at the Baltic Exchange.

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