Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
London & South East Branch

New Video About the Dry Bulk Sector

by Richard Scott FICS, member of London & South East Branch Committee, 7 August 2020 
At the end of July this year a new short video was released by The International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners, usually known as Intercargo.
The video is entitled Dry Bulk Shipping: Sustainably Serving the World’s Essential Needs. It aims to provide a broad, up-to-date overview of the dry bulk scene, increasing awareness of this sector’s function and vital contribution to global trade.
Link for access: (5 minutes duration)
In an admirably concise summary of prominent features, the video describes the cargoes carried and ships used. It outlines how the sector is striving to meet sustainable development goals, especially tougher emissions standards, aiming to achieve environmental and operational excellence. It also draws attention to the seafarers who are a crucially important part.
Numerous members of our Institute and others employed in the maritime sphere are familiar with this sector, but not everyone in the wider public is fully aware of the role it plays. There is a degree of ignorance about it.
People tend to be, or think they are, familiar with container traffic because this is also visible inland, and tanker trade because it is ‘obvious’ what is involved. But the dry bulk shipping market is more mysterious for many people, and so ignorance of its task is widespread.
What Intercargo has achieved, arguably, is a valuable and palatable guide to the sector, as an introduction and broad view of salient characteristics and the essential role.