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China's Grain and Soya Imports Upsurge

by Richard Scott FICS, member of London & South East Branch Committee, 17 November 2020
China is the world's largest importer in the grain and soya segment of the bulk carrier market, with about 20% of the total. Imports are mainly long-haul from the Americas, also from Black Sea and elsewhere, greatly benefiting bulk carrier demand. Over the past decade Chinese buyers' have mostly increased their soyabeans volumes but, currently, signs of large extra tonnages of grain, especially corn and also wheat, barley and sorghum are prominent.
This article looks at how the trend has been evolving, and prospects for the twelve months ahead. 
Article sections:
  • Imports resume an upwards trend  
  • Domestic production, stocks and consumption
  • A reinvigorated expansion

The article is published by Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide ('Top Stories' section), 17 November 2020 at

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