Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
London & South East Branch

Attracting talent to maritime employment

by Richard Scott FICS, member of London & South East Branch Committee, 26 March 2021
After a year of pandemic, are there any changes in employers’ views which could make jobs in the maritime sector more appealing? In particular, what changes in recruitment policies could increase the attractiveness of shore-based employment?
Several weeks ago ship management company V.Group published a paper entitled Attracting talent to the maritime industry. This paper looks at how the pandemic has affected recruitment, focusing on both onshore and seafarer categories.
An idea for making shore-based employment an attractive career choice is to encourage the industry to place more emphasis on transferable skills when considering new recruits. The authors argue that hiring based on competencies and attitude rather than maritime experience alone may be a beneficial change.
A greater emphasis on whether recruits have the potential to understand the sector is suggested. Looking beyond the maritime sector for talent could result in fresh perspectives on working practices using experience gained in other industries.
One specific advantage for the industry of such a policy is avoidance of a skills gap. As argued by the authors, digital aptitude and competence will be increasingly required. If the maritime sector does not sufficiently consider people with non-shipping backgrounds “there is the very real danger that a skills gap will emerge”. This observation points towards professionals from outside the industry making a valuable contribution.
Questions asked are: “How far is the industry’s image holding it back from attracting talent? What is it doing to address this?”
The full V.Group report is available (free) at: