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Thursday 10 August 2017 | London & South East Branch Celebrate Exam Success.

 We were pleased and delighted that London and South East Branch students had great success in the May exams.
The Students garnered 11 of the prizes available, and we congratulate them on their success and wish them well in the future.
Many students had completed their Foundation Diploma, and others their Advanced Diploma. A total of 13 of our students completed their PQE and they will be glad that this stage of their learning is finished. We look forward to hearing that they have joined the Institute, and we look forward to seeing them at the many Institute events, be that in London or elsewhere around the world.
Lecturers, students and London Committee members enjoyed celebrating with the students at the Doggetts pub on the Thames riverside. It was both rewarding and encouraging to hear their relief at passing the exams, and for some their surprise at doing so well. Their hard work had paid off.
There was much laughter, chatting and merriment as people moved from group to group discovering who had passed which exams, and already some discussion on which subjects they will next sit in order to obtain their PQE.